DMFB&C is an interactive web-based supplement for material contained in Discrete Mathematics for Business & Computing published by Algana Publishing (2010).

The topics covered are aimed at students planning to study toward degree level business and/or computing. Each topic is introduced in the book with relatively straightforward explanations and examples in order to engage those who would not necessarily see themselves as particularly interested in mathematics. 

The emphasis on discrete mathematics reflects the fact that more and more applications in business and computing involve the subject. Of course, continuous mathematical studies, such as differential and integral calculus, will continue to be important in branches such as financial systems, actuarial analysis, computer simulation and managerial economics. However, it is true that discrete mathematics is finding increasing importance in branches such as management science (trees & graphs), risk analysis (probability & sets), computer hardware (Boolean algebra & logic), software engineering (combinatorics & factorials) and database management systems (relations & functions). Worked examples are included throughout to reinforce the essential ideas underlying each topic.  

DMFB&C contains material including interactive learning sections, interactive test questions and sample exam papers. Solutions to the test papers are available for tutors and instructors and can be obtained by emailing .

Suzy Jagger is a Principal Lecturer at Roehampton University UK with specialist interests in Learning & Teaching, Ethics in Higher Education and Web Design & Development. Various research projects have included Computers, Ethics and Moral Development (2009, School of Education, Roehampton University). Consulting experiences include working as a partner in a web consultancy service which provides advice for various clients, among them management consultancies, schools and SMEs. Suzy is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Member of The British Computer Society.

John Dwyer is an experienced educator who has worked in universities both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. He is currently a visiting professor in the UK and an experienced postgraduate (PhD, MSc) and undergraduate (BSc, BEng, MEng) examiner. University experiences include City College of New York (USA), City University (UK), Iona College (USA), Kingston University (UK), London South Bank University (UK), Richmond American International University (UK), Roehampton University (UK), Sheffield Hallam University (UK), St. John Fisher College (USA), University of East Anglia (UK), University of Essex (UK) and University of Westminster (UK). John is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering Technology.

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